Support Letter

As many of you know, ever since I was young, God has given me a heart for Africa and missions. Thank you again for all of your support and prayers while I was in South Africa this summer.  After spending two months as an intern with Thrive Africa, God has opened many doors for me to return to Africa as a fulltime missionary.

I have been given the opportunity to join a team of people starting an organization called Love For the Sake of Love. My role in this team is to create a foundation and discover what it will take for our orphanage ministry, Hope N Doors, to run. In April, I will be moving to Uganda to volunteer with Watoto Baby Home to gain knowledge and experience in running an orphanage in Africa. In August I will be attending a nursing school in Kampala, Uganda so that I can be an internationally certified nurse. While attending Nursing school, I will be helping out a missionary family with their ministry. During this time, I will be making contacts, gaining experience, and doing some forerunning for Love For the Sake of Love

I thank God for this opportunity that is before me and trust that He will meet my needs. Ultimately, my prayer is that He will do this through you. I would be honored if you could partner financially and prayerfully with me in this ministry. Specifically, I am in need of two types of support. I need to raise $4700 initially along with $600 per month for ministry expenses and living.     

I am excited to see what God is going to do through my time with Love for the Sake of Love and Hope N Doors. I hope not only to be a blessing to those I serve, but also to you. My desire is to go as your representative of Jesus Christ, the true Kutazamia that the people of Uganda need (Kutazamia – Swahili for Divine Hope).

If you feel lead to share in my ministry, please click the link below and follow the directions. 


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