Raw and UnCut


This is nothing like how I imagined it would be.   I can definitely say that I had pictured something totally different and I may have been a little ambitious.  Thrive Africa definitely spoiled me.  They took us in as a team, orientated us and made sure we were prepared.  So far, I have been picked up at the airport, driven to a guest house and told “see you Tuesday.”  I don’t even know what that means.   I like having a schedule, knowing where I am supposed to be at all times, what I am supposed to do, ect.  Right now, I am going to prepare to come home in four months, finish up my schooling, and then return as a team.  It is weird how much a calling doesn’t feel like a calling anymore when you are alone in a country, confused and scared. 

I could use prayers so badly right now.  I just want to come home.  This is not what I pictured at all.  I am scared, alone, and my heart is broken.

I read a verse this morning.  It was Isaiah 61:1-2.  It says “the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor.  He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for prisoners.”

We will see what God does in my time here . . . I may be home sooner than we all thought.   Ugh, God, give me strength!

Right now, I am totally thinking about going to Nursing school in the United States.  The one here is not what I imagined.  Yea, I think I will do all my forerunning in these four months and then return to the states and finish Nursing school . . . THEN move here with the team to build our orphanage.  That sounds like the best idea at the moment.  I will do some praying about it.  Right now I do not feel at ease.  This is not at all how I had imagined this feeling.  Hopefully, people will start waking up and moving and I will be able to get distracted and busy.  Oh and I am going to get a phone today that works!  Then I can tell mom that I made it here and that she should get me a plane ticket home.

Oh God, give me strength to do this . . .

Same day, Part 2

So, wow!  I have been completely thrown into all of this.  I like it though . . . now that I have met some people.  There is one girl, Rachel who is in the room next to me.  She is pretty awesome and we have gotten a long pretty well so far.  We like the same movies so that helps.  She is from the UK I think and her roommate is Scandinavian?  There is also a girl from England and one from Canada and a guy from Norway all staying in the guest house that I am in.  They are all very nice. 

I went to the babies home today . . . I don’t get orientated until Tuesday but they expected me to jump right in . . .which I did.  The kids are SO FREAKIN CUTE!  My accomplishment today – Holding two crying babies while feeding another.  Tomorrow, it is my goal to get a wet/clean baby dry, diapered, and dressed in under a minute.  Ambitious, I know, but when there is a bushel of babies, it has to get done fast!  We are so involved in the home that I am pretty sure I will have a good understanding of what it takes to make one of these work after four months here, no doubt. 

Random – Today I saw my first set of people walking around with HUGGGGEEE guns strapped to them.  They were probably around last night, but it was dark and I was so tired. 

One of the girls is taking me to the internet café on Monday before we go to Watoto . . . after that, I will probably have to go alone.  How sketch does that sound?  IT just seems all so weird to me.  Rachel was telling me all about it today.  I could so easily get lost here (I almost did today!  Yikes!).  Anywho, she told me the best thing to do is not expect anything.  Just make this life, my new home.  I want to soak up as much as possible so if I return home in August, I will know what kind of thing to expect when I return with Love for the Sake of Love.

April 4, 2010

HAPPY EASTER!  So I totally loved Watoto Church.  The worship was fantastic . . . picture an African Hillsong and you got the basics of what it is.  It was fantastic . . . I did however shut my skirt I the taxi door the entire drive there so it was muddy in the back!  Oh well.  It is crazy that we cant really walk everywhere.  In the US if you don’t have a car and you need to go somewhere that is like a 25 minute walk, you could just walk it . . . That is something that can be done here, especially if you don’t know the area or exactly where you are going.  Taxi is so expensive in my opinion.  It is 10,000 Ugandan Shillings to get to Baby Watoto from where I live, which is approximately 5 dollars.  And to pay for it back too!  Often we ride together in one taxi so we split it, but having to go in 5-6 times a week adds up.

After church I got dropped off at the babies home about an hour before I actually had to be there.  That made it interesting.  I didn’t really know what to do so I sat I the front entrance area.  OH man, I love the babies.  They have them split up into different age/skill groups and each group is named after an animals.  These two days, I have worked with the Hippos (surprise?  I think not (one of my favs)).  They are about 9-15months.  They move onto the Elephants when they can walk by themselves.  I have worked the afternoon shift these two days.  Right before dinner, the nannies go and prepare their diner and live me with all of them. . . It is crazy!  Picture me sitting outside on blankets holding two crying babies, having two more on my lap and then 10 more scattered about the blanket.  Slightly overwhelming but I think I am doing a pretty good job at it.  They are so precious and I want to take so many of them home.  Their diapers are quite gross . . . We are required to wear gloves when changing them to prevent us getting sicknesses. Oh and I learned to day that a number of the babies are HIV+.  That breaks my heart that these children are going to die due to someone else’s choice. 

I really need to figure out what I will be doing soon.  Finacially, it is important that I figure out if I am going home in April.  It is insane how much it cost to live here.  I had no idea.  As a white female American, I have to be smart, which means no slums.  Anyways, “be strong in the Lord, never give up hope.  You’re going to do great things, I already know.  God has got His hand on you, don’t live life in fear . . .”

Oh and firstly, Hope N Doors will have proper orientation for volunteers that come.  I like organization and clarity but I have come to learn that that is something that can not be expected here.  Hmm.

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3 Responses to Raw and UnCut

  1. Debbie Cysensky says:

    Hello Katrina! How nice that you’re doing this so soon. I really had hoped so, but didn’t expect it.

    I imagine all of this is so “strange” to you. Such a different culture. There you are half way around the world, and everything must seem so “backwards” to you. If anything, I’m sure you’re already realizing how very spoiled we are here in the states.

    Try to keep your faith strong. I’m sure there will be tests. Right now, though . . take “baby steps”. Let the Lord guide you. Don’t PLAN anything. (OK?) . . The first 3 weeks of any new journey, are the toughest. You have to become acclimated, even to the air that you breathe. Then the lifestyle itself will keep you spinning. And even though I haven’t ever gone through the EXTREME that you’re going through right now, I can say that when I was 11, and my family was split up due to a horrible divorce, my mom in an insane ward in the hospital, and all of us kids placed into a “receiving home” to be “farmed” out later to separate foster homes, it was difficult. I feel like it was just yesterday, in reading your blog. I remember the strangeness. The unfamiliar territory of a different way of life. Even those coming from abuse, only want to return to the familiar. So hang in there. Don’t make any rash decisions. Show the Lord your faith in his guidance, and let this first 3 weeks pass, to see how you feel. Homesick is an awefull feeling, but it too passes. Even when I was in the Navy, and moved around from one port to another, I felt the fear of the unknown, and after time, and overcoming that fear, it actually becomes “liberating”.

    As for Nursing school, I’m sorry that it isn’t as legit as you’d hoped. It probably isn’t as modern (dah?) but I’ll bet it can teach you lessons that are impossible to learn here in the states. I wish that I was with you there. We could lean on one another, and bond our fear, our ambition for life and making a differece in others lives, and finally our faith, just knowing that we wouldn’t be that far already, had the Lord not intended it.
    Whatever you do, protect yourself. Those people are wearing guns for a reason. And being a young white woman in that part of the world, makes you a target in itself. But you have the HOLY SPIRIT in you and all around. Split a piece of wood and he is there, lift a rock and you will find him. He’s EVERYWHERE. And you girl “GLOW” with his Holy Spirit. Be wise. Be safe. Stay Healthy. Don’t take unnecessary chances. Remember . . the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So again . . protect yourself. Remember the buddy system. You are an easy person to be friends with. And I’m sure you already have a ton of new friends, all feeling the same things you are, or that have just recently acclimated. You’re going to be fine.
    Now . . how do I help you with $$? I want to send you even a little now and again . . Do I mail? Is there an account that can be deposited into for Katrina Harris (personal)? Let me know.
    My prayers are with you every day. For your continued faith, your safety and your health.
    Keep this going . . . it’s the BEST BOOK I’ve read in a very long time! ((((HUGS))))

    Remember . .you are loved, and appreciated . . and ever so BLESSED.

    Enjoy the babies. Imagine the fear that they feel. And the comfort you give them is priceless.
    Love you girl!


  2. bahava says:

    what a crazy few days! praying for you right now.

  3. Merry Lawrence says:

    I have only one thing to say, “WOW!!
    What an awesome experience.
    Good luck on that orientation. You probably won’t need it by Tuesday you will be able to do your own orientation.

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