Be Strong in The Lord, Never Give Up Hope

April 5, 2010

I AM IN LOVE . . .with a little boy named Steven (or Stevie as I call him).  I want to wrap him up and take him home.  Mom, Dad . . . adopt him?  J

So, pretty much everyone at watoto church is reading revelations.  They started earlier so us newbies have till tomorrow to read the whole book.  A few verses really stuck out to me . . .

“To him who overcomes and does my will to the  end, I will give authority over the nations” – 2:22
To do His will . . .That is my goal, my desire.  IF that is the desire of my heart, He says He will give that to me.  To know and to do His will . . . OH BOY!

Revelations then goes on to repeat “Those who have ears, let him hear” – I truly want to  be fully living and listening to God.  Not just to feelings or what I think the best plan is. 

So, the girl who I have become pretty good friends with is moving to one of the other baby home campuses so she will no longer be living at the guest house or even in Kampala.  Which is a bummer cause I haven’t really hit it off with anyone else. 

Orientation was canceled again.  So I now have Tuesday off.  Crazyness.  That does however mean that I can go to the internet café.  Oh and I haven’t signed the code of conduct so I can pretty much do whatever I want until then.  Just kidding, I know most of the rules and I’m not one just to break one for the heck of it, especially when my safety is at risk.  My off days are Tuesdays and Fridays, which means those are the days that I am free to explore, use internet, and get things done.  I may make it my goal to find the store tomorrow w/o getting lost.  No promises there though . . .Kampala is huge and every turn looks the same . . . red dirt roads w/lots of holes, begging children at every stop light (the few lights that there are), cars everywhere, bikes everywhere, boda bodas everywhere.   I SHOULD TAKE PICTURES TUESDAY!  We are not advised to take many outside Watoto.  Hopefully they will explain why in orientation (if I ever get one). 

We were stopped at a red light earlier today and it very much broke my heart.  This little girl came up to my window and held out her hands and asked for money in Lugandan.  I had nothing to give (although I almost wanted to give her a jolly rancher) and if I did, we aren’t supposed to give money.  It broke my heart cause most of these kids are forced to beg by adults and when they come back empty handed, they are beaten.  I hate that.  People are so corrupt.

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4 Responses to Be Strong in The Lord, Never Give Up Hope

  1. Jessica MacFarlan says:

    So, I’m a few days late, but, welcome to “my” continent!!

    You’ll learn your way around soon enough. 🙂 Just watch out when crossing the street, dodging boda bodas is kind of like trying to play Frogger. Lol!

    If Uganda is anything like Kenya, boda boda is way cheaper than taxi — but they can be a little adventurous if you are wearing a long skirt…

    Good luck with the orientation. 🙂 Just remember…T.I.A. (this is Africa)…things happen when they happen.

    Praying for you!

  2. Debbie Cysensky says:

    Hello Katrina! Careful sweetie .. with your heart you’ll be adopting them ALL!! And your poor parents . TUG TUG . . “Mom Dad adopt?” oh my! 🙂

    And if the Lord wanted you to have enough money to give to all the children that begged, you’d have it. So be thankful that he gives you what you are in NEED of. And that you’re not one of them out there begging!

    Love you girl . .can’t wait for the pics. Keep the faith. Stay safe!

  3. Ty says:

    Looks like they are giving you a practical, hands on orientation, instead of a formal orientation. Also sounds like that Lords been speaking to you about quite a few things, awesome. Take strength Katrina, we’re all praying for you.

  4. Denice Funderburk says:

    Hey girl – Hang in there! I can’t begin to imagine what the cultural shock must be like, but I’m glad that the Lord has brought Stevie into your classroom to remind you of why you are there. I sent Pam & Harry your new email address and a link to your blog (not sure that will work for them). I’m trying to figure out how to donate to your account from your blog. I’m going to ask your mom because I can’t remember how I did it before. Love you! Denice

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