Working Nights

April 24th, 2010

Last night, one of the Nannies asked me to read Isaiah 65 to her and the other nannies from my bible.  So I did . . . Then, she asked me to explain it to her.  That kind of caught me a little off guard.  It was neat because I did my best to explain what I thought it was saying, then I asked her what she thought it was saying.  She had so many questions, lots in which i didnt really know the answer to.  We had a pretty good conversation about it.  Oh the things that happen at night . . .

April 23, 2010

Wow, it is already the 23rd.  I feel kind of bad cause I haven’t written at all this week.  I have been working the night shift so it has totally worn me out.  At first I thought it would be nice cause it is like you have all the days off, but staying up to midnight everyday is rough on an old lady like me!  So, I am going to try to catch everyone up on everything that has happened this week.

So I am still working with Elisha.  He is now a little over 10 lbs.  I have no idea how his paperwork is going for a passport and stuff because Anne is always out by the time I get to work.  Next week I will try to find out more on how that is going. 

I had a good fall on Tuesday.  My knee looked pretty bad but it is getting to be a little better. 

Wednesday we had a volunteer meeting.  That was something in and of itself.  Marilyn Skinner spoke at it and she had so much to say.  She told us all about how when they started Watoto – the struggle it was for her to even stay, mistakes they made, and the blessing it has grown to be.  Her and her husband and kids were once tied up and Gary was shot at, but the gun wouldn’t shoot . . . She has some crazy stories.  When she first got here, and many times after she had first gotten here, she wanted to leave so bad.  It was hard for her.  I know how that feels.  She also went about telling us how when you start an orphanage, you don’t automatically get to where Watoto is now . . . it is a long hard process.  God delights in these small beginnings though.  I have an idea of how I want it to all end, but I have no idea how to get there.  Crazy stuff!  The other day I was laying in my bed trying to get some rest and I thought to myself, “I need an adult to do all of this for me” and then I realized that  I AM THE ADULT.  Crazy stuff again!  It just now hit me that I am at that spot in my life where I can make the decisions and figure stuff out myself for all of this.  Weird!  Then I realized that I am the oldest person in Love For the Sake of Love (unless you count the two dudes that I have never met) and now “the experienced”.  What the crap?!  We are definitely going on faith.  It is good stuff though. 

I went along to Lake Victoria the other day with a lady from the guest house.  The same lady I have been working all my shifts with.  This is going to sound awful but I wish we would work different shifts at least one week.  She is way too much for me to handle.  She is here for two months and wants to see everything . . . This week I just want to sleep!  I guess it is good for me then.  I got to go to a part of Kampala where white people just don’t go.  It was very odd being the only white person there, especially since it was so crowded.  I cant even begin to describe it.  There was like a couple hundred, maybe thousand people swarming about this outdoor fish market.  I am so thankful for Joel, he at least made us feel a little safe.  Men kept coming up asking if I wanted to get in their boat.  I don’t even get that offer back home.  Joel politely told the men that I am afraid of water so I would prefer not to get in any boats. 

After we got back, Sharon told me that she may not invite me to go somewhere with her anymore because I attract too many men.  It is not my fault.  I really hate the attention.  I feel so gross when they wink at me . . .which happens a lot.  Guh, I swear next time I am either going to wink back for a reaction or cry.  After today’s incident of having a guy wink at me like 5 times and proceed to try to convince me to go with him, I may go with the crying.  We are always in groups of at least two so I am safe, don’t worry.  It is probably just my fault cause I make the mistake of making eye contact and smiling cause I’m nice.  Whatever.

Mmm, I can register for classes next week.  I was only able to check two of my classes to see if they were full.  The one that is only offered in fall and summer is full.  Which sucks cause that may mean that I am stuck.  Don’t know how to fix that one.  Oh well I guess. Slow internet is definitely frustrating in this.  I really would like some guidance in this and what I am supposed to do.  I cant lie, Marilyn Skinner did make me feel a little bad about leaving.  She talked about how the sacrifice of friends, and family, and relationships is what is required.  But what we sacrifice, we will be given more of, but it will be hard.  Alsdjflasidufoi ß my thoughts

Today we went to the market (then I came back and slept three hours – or at least tried to).  Every Friday they have an outdoor craft market where people can sell stuff they made – it is pretty cool and huge.  That will be where I do all my gift buying.  Um, question?  What are the rules on bring animal skin into the states?  Just a small amount . . .

The same lady really wants me to go on Safari with her in May.  It is hard cause she asks me every day.  I don’t think she gets the real reason why I am here.  I cannot justify going at all.   I am not a trinket and treasure kind of person.  Although it would be super fun, that is not what I am here for.

Oh I played the guitar for the first time since I have been here.  I really wish I had brought some of my guitar music with me cause I don’t really have any songs memorized.

The night shift has been interesting.  I have loved getting to know the nannies.  One lady, Brenda, and I have a good relationship going.  She is like a mom but acts more like an older sister.  We had such a good time the other day folding laundry.  On Wednesday, I got to sit through the Nannies’ cell group.  It was cool sharing life with them and having them share life with me.  I don’t know why it shocked me so much to hear them answer questions the same way that I would.   Some thoughts seemed a little skewed though.  For example, one lady wouldn’t let another lady pray for her.  She only wanted the pastor to come and pray because she felt that only his prayers were truly valid.  It was an odd thought.  Hahaha and they talked a lot about marriage.  One lady asked for prayer in marriage cause she really wants to get married someday.  That one sounded familiar – so many girls back home say the same thing!!  Big world, but same needs/wants?  Hahahahahahaha  Love it!

Oh and on Wednesday night we saw three hookers outside of the Bulrushes (the baby home) on the corner.  I thought it was an odd corner for them to stand on.  I cant imagine them getting much business there.  It is crazy the things you see at midnight in Kampala. 

Oh and I hate stopping in traffic.  Not because of having to wait in the sun in a hot car, but because of the street children.  I want to do so much for them but I can not at this moment.  I did hear a lot about a really great project that works with street children.  I will write about that shortly but for now I must go get ready for work!

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  1. dad says:

    why are u looking at hookers did igive u permission

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