He Gives and Takes Away

So these past two weeks haven’t really been the easiest.

Last monday, they decided to train me in the Premature Babies Room.  Kinda cool because not many volunteers get to work with them.  That very day, they baby they were training me on, started having apnea and died.


Then on Wednesday (as in like a day and a half ago), one of the babies I work with, Abass stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital.  This isn’t the first time that this has happened.  He has been with us for the past 10 months and has been rushed to the hospital many times because we were sure that he was going to die but he always managed to bounce back.  He was definitely a miracle baby.  For the past few months, he has been attached to Oxygen and monitors.  Since I have been in the clinic working with Elisha (who is looking so much better), I have been working with him as well.

He died late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning.  Heart breaking.  He did have a dad – His mother died during childbirth and when Abe got sick, his dad couldn’t take care of him.   On Wednesday we couldn’t get a hold of him and when we finally did, he wasn’t able to come in until Thursday.  By then, it was too late.  Anyways, his dad is a Muslim so we had an informal ceremony Thursday before his father took him.

The Ceremony was on the roof of the babies home so we all had babies with us.  I held Steven the entire time.  I think he must have know that something was wrong because he snuggled the entire time and kept hugging my arm.  Precious Angel boy!

I don’t think one ever gets used to a baby dying, which is good.  They are just so lifeless afterwards – Almost like a baby doll . . . But so at peace.  I have never seen Abe look so peaceful, even when he was sleeping.  He was always in pain but I know that he is now dancing with Jesus.

So other news – I got super sick last Tuesday.  High fevers, headache, ect . . . but it wasnt Malaria which is good.  After a whole day of sleeping, I felt much better.

We also cleaned out the storage room last week so it could be fumigated . . . You dont want to know how many mice were killed . . . It was kind of funny cause one would run out, we would all jump and squeal and then the Ugandan men would chance it with sticks. . .I did take a picture of the mice though (of course).  So dont look if you have a weak stomach. . .

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