I went to Jinja this past weekend to visit the Porters.  It was an amazing weekend!

The drive alone was beautiful . . . Jinja was even more beautiful!

I learned a ton.  We were able to visit a children’s bible study in one of the villages.  The kids were so cute!  They started off with all getting a boiled egg and then sitting down for some songs and a bible story.  There was probably close to 100 kids, maybe a little more.  The girl who runs it has adopted 14 girls and feeds 400 kids a day in one of the local schools.  It is pretty cool, the things that she is doing.

I also got to meet some of the people who run the Amani Baby Cottage in Jinja.  They are going to be really good contacts when it comes to time to get things running for Hope N Doors.

I also learned that Muslims are really starting to move in and make an impact on the community.  All the grocery stores in Jinja are owned by Muslims and Muslims are starting to get some positions in the government.  I had no idea that there was so much spiritual warfare going on between Muslims and Christians.

I also learned how NGOs have really made a bad impact on the area.  For starters, they have really created a dependency for many Ugandans.  When you think about everything that has happened in the North, it is easy to see why many Ugandans would rather wait there for NGOs to provide for them instead of going home to their farms. 

Also, all the NGOs coming have caused prices to rise and things to become very tourist-oriented.  I’m learning that people cant just say to themselves “I want to help, so I am just going to go and find a need and fix it.”  I hate to be a bubble burster, but it doesnt really work that way. . .that tends to cause more damage than not.  It takes research – what need do they have, how will it impact their culture, is it self sustainable, will it cause them to be dependant on you . . . and so much more.  Im not saying that it isnt possible, cause it is . . . but you have to realize that the best thing you could do is simply love people and show them Christ.  Only God can change a culture and God is the only solution to world hunger.   It is funny, many of these people were happy and didnt realize they were poor until we came in and showed them they were poor . . .

I could go on for hours probably . . .but that would get boring . . .

The Porters also took me to the Source of the Nile and Bujagali Falls.  It was soooooo beautiful! 

I also had Ice and chocolate chip (yes, actual chocolate chips!) cookies!

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1 Response to Jinja

  1. Jessica Mac says:

    ‘Kay, I’m assuming that there is only one girl in Jinja who has fourteen adopted children and does missions work, but, just in case, is this the girl that you met?


    If so, that’s really cool. Actually, I guess it’s cool either way. 🙂

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