I started reading the bible chronologically.  Today (the 2nd), covered the life of Noah. 

God’s character sometimes puzzles me. 

I never really thought much about what it must have been like to board the ark and let everyone else die, until today.  I think it partially has to do with the TV series I have been watching (Survivors, a british TV series).  While reading about the flood, I couldn’t help but picture them all crowded together inside the ark while their best friends pounded on the ark begging to come in.  Noah is sitting there holding his wife as Shem’s wife is yelling “We’ve got to help them!  This isn’t right!  You’re so cruel, Noah.  She is just a child!”  How hard it must have been to sit in the only safe haven while listening to all these people outside slowly drown.  Men, holding up their children, begging Noah to just take the child.  No wonder it says that God shut them in the ark. 

Imagine them getting out of the ark after the flood!  Bodies everywhere.  Mothers with babies strapped to their backs, fathers holding their families, and children scattered all over the land.  I can not even begin to imagine.  These are the things that you see in movies – and to think that it was all part of God’s plan.   

God loves us, yet often things like this happens.  I talked about this with a friend a few weeks ago.  Now days, the things that God’s people were told to do would be viewed as genocide.  I’ve seen movies and I’ve heard stories and it breaks my heart that things like that happen.  I know that all the other people were corrupt and living in sin and the wages of sin is death.    But still, when is it ok?  How about the stuff going on in Israel right now?  How much of that is ok?  I don’t think I will truly ever know the answer or even begin to understand the purpose of these events.  All I know is screw you, sin and screw you, Satan.

Good news though – Jesus paid the price for sin so we don’t ever have to worry about another flood.  🙂

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