Iris Harvest School

This Summer, I have been given the opportunity to attend Iris Harvest School in Pemba, Mozambique ( During my time there, I will be attending classes, participating on outreach, and helping out wherever possible (pretty much doing whatever I am told). Through attending the Harvest School, I will be able to potentially serve with Iris as a nurse after I graduate from WSU TriCities in May 2013.

I know a lot of you guys supported me while I was in Uganda and I greatly appreciate that. I would love for you guys to continue to pray for me as I prepare to attend Iris Harvest School and while I am in Mozambique.

If you would like to help me raise money to go, there are a few options. You can go to I will be selling some of the pictures I took in Uganda. They are pretty nice and I currently have a few hanging in my apartment (if you live in Pullman, you are welcome to come check them out).

If you feel like donating w/o buying any pictures, you may mail me a check (payable to IRIS MINISTRIES) (or giving it to me or my mom) or go to and paying in the “tuition” category. If you choose this option, be sure to put my full name (Katrina Harris) and HS14A for “outreach.” I ask that if you choose the first option (a check) you get that to me by May 1st so I can get that mailed to them before it is due.

Again, I appreciate all of your prayers and your support while I have been on this journey. You guys have all been such a blessing!

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