Faith Based Not on Feelings (Journal excerpts from 6/1 – 6/13)


(Excerpts from 6/1 -6/13 – Pictures were all taken around these dates but may not be applicable to the journal excerpts above or below them.)

Children’s Day . . .  We fed 4500 children from the surrounding villages.  It was amazing and so much fun.  We even crammed in our first two class sessions before and after all the chaos.

Will Hart was our first speaker for the class.  AMAZING.  [I will write a blog on all the classes because all of my notes are in another notebook and I am just way too lazy to go get it].  When he spoke, he would give God all the credit . . . not himself.  At the end, God told me that there is freedom in the Spirit, not fear.  I’m not to be scared of His power and being surrounded by Him.  It is a gift. . . . Ironically, right after this, Tony walked by and said to me “It isn’t as bad as you thought it would be, huh?”

It was nice when Randy Clark talked about manifestations and how even He (a really famous speaker and author) almost never manifests.  It is good to hear cause I still find it pretty creepy.

MEIZE PASTOR’S CONFERENCE . . . This weekend, we spent two days in Meize for a pastors’ conference.  It was really great getting the opportunity to interact with the Mozambicans.

I loved it.  It was hot, dirty, and smelly, but really nice.  All 270 of us went . . . that made for a lot of tents and a well used pit latrine.

The second night, there was so many miracles.  I however left maybe a minute before a little boy walked for the first time and a baby’s eyes turned from milky white to brown.  Figures . . . Crazyness – so right after that happened, there was a huge downpour, which shouldn’t happen cause it was dry season.  Our tents were soaked but it was worth it.  Mozambicans see ran as a huge blessing and a good sign.  God was definitely present that night .  . . Oh and bread rolls were multiplied.

First Prophecy over me – Peggy saw my hands as hands anointed for healing.  She also said that she felt that I needed to continue to press into God and truly seek Him.  I won’t and can’t give up on that.  (wow – it is nuts how two other times, something similar was said when people prophesied over me.)

Favorite speaker – Matt from Holland . . .  To think that God would rather have us go, make a huge mistake than sit down and do nothing . . . wow.  I am finding that it is so true that the biggest warfare is between our ears.  I kind of do worry that I will not change at all while I am here.

(My roommate’s practical mission was landscape and they used the machetes for trimming the plants.)
Practical missions:  I get to shadow the base director for a few hours every Friday . . . kinda cool.

When to an intercessors meeting today . . . I definitely don’t feel like I am called to be an intercessor . . .

REJOCING!  WE WERE GIVEN PEANUT BUTTER, JELLY, AND EGGS TODAY!  It is kind of ironic how we are totally blessed with all of this today yet today all I want to do is die to myself – be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.  Teach us community, show us unity, and give us hearts of love.  Open our eyes to ways we can serve each other . . .

I am so thankful that God blessed me with an amazing house that gets along so well.  It could not have been more perfectly put together.  I pray that this unity last throughout the school.

I am trying to get past the lie that God will not do miracles when I am present.  I swear that every time I leave a location, a radical miracle happens.  I feel like if I am present, miracles wont happen – lies and I will not accept it.

We had our first class with Heidi.  She is amazing.  I love how humble she is.  She is definitely one of my biggest role models.

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1 Response to Faith Based Not on Feelings (Journal excerpts from 6/1 – 6/13)

  1. Sharon says:

    So true that the battle is between our ears!! If only we choose to believe the truth and not our own thoughts and feelings.

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