World Prayer

Please join me in spending the next year praying for every country in the world.  Each country gets 1-3 days for prayer and is in alphabetical order (starting in January).  I will include statistics and prayer requests to guide you in prayer.  All of the information I get is from Operation World (  I encourage you to google these countries and learn more about them and different ways you can pray for them!  You can also join the Prayer Movement at

Thanks for joining me in this!

September 20-22

Nigeria – Africa

Population under 15 years: 43%
Life expectancy: 47.7 Years
Over 520 ethnic groups.
Literacy: 69.1%
Official language: English.  Hausa is widely used in the north and middle belt.
All Languages: 521; 96% of population used 21 major languages


Nigeria is constitutionally a secular state with freedom of religion.  But the northern ruling elite give preferential treatment to Muslims and discriminate against Christians.  Little has been done to stem the growth of violent Islamist groups or to stop persecution of Christians in the North, resulting in hundreds of churches burned and many Christians killed.

Christians – 51.26%
Muslim – 45.12%
Ethnoreligionist – 3.31
Non-religious – .03%
Other – 0.01%

Answer to Prayer:
– The successful transition from one civilian government to another is a first for Nigeria.  Praise God that despite many threats, Nigeria’s national stability seems to be consolidating.

– Nigeria’s prayer movement is one of the world’s strongest, stimulated by political stresses, Muslim persecution of Christians and by genuine desire for revival and evangelization.

– The dynamic growth of the Church continues to be impressively solid.

– Missions vision was birthed in 1970s through revival among university students.  This vison has blossomed into a movement accounting for over 5,000 Nigerian missionaries at home and abroad, helping lead the way for Africa-wide mission mobilization.

Challenges for Prayer:
–  Pray for healing and reconciliation; pray also for leadership that will serve to reconcile and unite rather than to embitter and divide.
–  The Challenges facing the government are myriad and urgent – extremist Muslim agitation in the north, armed militias in the disgruntled and oil-rich southeast, pervasive corruption, a self-serving network of bureaucratic elite, emigration/brain drain, wildspread poverty and an apparently disintegrated sense of national identity.  Pray for the right balance between caution and decisiveness in addressing such threats, and between prudence and ambition in economic development and in combating poverty.
–  The scale of corruption in Nigeria is staggering.  Graft, bribery and embezzlement are commonplace at every level of society.   Capital flight – Much of Nigeria’s vast wealth has been siphoned out of the country through various illicit and corrupt means by multinational companies operating in Nigeria.  Pray that God may raise up many more who fear Him and have the moral integrity and courage to tackle the rottenness manifest in society.
– Church growth – Pray against: A failure of discipleship, unbalanced prosperity theology and chasing after dubious miracles that cheapen the good news,  second-generation nominalism in both traditional and younger churches is a big problem, syncretistic Christianity, enthusiastic and aggressive but uninformed approaches to African spirituality (pray that biblical truth and practices might prevail over superstition), and division and disunity.

– Christian leaders are under great stress – pray for integrity and unity in leadership, multiplication of leaders, the hundreds of seminaries, colleges bible schools, and training programs, and for servant leaders and mentors to raise up.

– The scale of persecution of Christians by Muslims has accelerated in Nigeria’s northern states and as far south as the central plateau.  It has caused the death of thousands, including pastors, and the destruction of hundreds, even thousands, of churches.
– Pray for forgiveness for persecutors and deliverance from the spirit of revenge
– Pray for decisive actions by authorities
-Pray for the conversion of Muslims
– Pray for the best possible response by Christians (LOVE).  Many Christians are involved in peacemaking and pray for a supernatural love of enemies that no force can defeat.

– HIV and AIDS.  Officials estimate that 2.7 million carry the virus.  The actual figure may be double that.  An estimated 2 million children are orphaned by AIDS.

– Pray for Nigeria’s unreached.

Pray for the states of Nigeria (Southern, Central, and Northern zones)  The northern zone is suffering from a large imposition of shari’a law and the persecution that comes with it.

September 18- 19

NIGER – Sub-Saharan Africa

Population under 15 years: 50%
Life expectancy: 50.8 years
Official Language: French although Hausa is more commonly used
Total Languages: 21

One of the world’s poorest nations and right near the bottom of the Human Development Index.  Most people barely survive on subsistence agriculture and livestock.  Droughts and locus plagues further devastate the already fragile economy.

Religion – A non-confessional state with considerable freedom of religion and few restrictions on mission work.  Tensions between Muslims and Christians have escalated due to the situation in Nigeria, the rise of fundamentalisth Muslim groups in Niger, and the less-than sensitive approaches of some Pentecostal groups.

Muslim – 97.14%
Ethnoreligionist – 2.5%
Christian – 0.33%
Baha’i – 0.03%

Answers to Prayer:
– Establishment of groups of believers among most of the peoples of Niger, including the Woodaabe/Bororo, Manga Kunuri, Zarma, Tuareg/Tamacheq, Songhai, and Others

– Many churches have been planted through the impact of humanitarian help by Christians in education, well-digging, agricultural development, leprosy control, and health services

Challenges for Prayer

– This Muslim land is open for the gospel and there is encouraging spiritual openness among its peoples.  Still, Islam is pervasive and groups with strict and aggressive interpretations of it are on the increase.

– Christianity is growing, but more slowly than the population overall; the same applies to evangelicals, who remain a tiny minority.

– Issues facing the church: Many believers are isolated and often illiterate, Unity is needed, Leadership training, Educational needs

– This pioneer land still needs missionaries for all parts of the country

Some of the least-reached people of Niger:
-The Tuareg/Tamacheq
– The Zarma
– The five Kanuri peoples
– The Fulbe
– The Songhai
– The Tubu Peoples
– Arab Peoples

Pray specifically for specialist Christian ministries in Niger including:
– Aid and development projects
– Medical Ministry
– CAPRO – a ministry that focuses significantly on outreach to the many prostitutes in the capital.

Media oriented ministries –
– Bible Translation and distribution
– Christian Literature
– Radio
– The audio-media Ministry
– The JESUS film (now available in 11 languages)


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